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A private label brand created by our parent company White Water Marine, LLC, a leading supplier of commercial fishing gear and equipment.

Why choose our Max-Catch Circle Hooks?

Its simple, because of the design. The built-on swivel is a game-changer. Having a swivel attached directly to the hook allows the bait to move more freely underwater, increasing catch and reducing bottom tangles. Coupled with a razor sharp point and a 10 degree offset these hooks will out-catch the competition.


Available in either stainless steel or duratin coated steel, they'll hold up to the elements and stand the test of time. Perfect for catfish trotline, Red Snapper, Grouper bottom longline fishing and deep drop fishing.


Founded over 20 years ago. Our mission from the beginning has been; to offer high quality, low cost products with unbeatable customer service.


From humble beginnings, we have grown to become a leader in the commercial marine industry with an unrivaled commitment to our customers and their success

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