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Max-Catch-Trotline Clips With Swivel


Make fishing more fun with Max-Catch Trotline Clips with Swivel. Trotline clips are metal devices that have a key role to play in trotline fishing, as they secure your drop lines to the main line.


Our Max-Catch Catfish Trotline Clips are designed to clip on and off the mainline with great ease. Stainless steel construction is the reason behind their sturdiness and maximum corrosion resistance.


Also, the weight of these clips makes sure that your main line remains well submerged in water, keeping it from floating to the surface.


The swivel part that comes with trotline clips has 4/0 nickel plated brass that is corrosion-resistant even in saltwater environments. Moreover, nickel coating prevents abrasions from fish fighting and bumping with your trotline.


The purpose behind using a swivel with trotline clips is to make sure your trotline remains intact without getting twisted or entangled.


Swivels also prevent a big catfish from pulling the trotline as hard as it can. As the fish makes a run on your trotline, the swivel starts to spin, breaking the pull effect.




Stainless steel wire 0.120 inches long with a 3/16-inch nose. Max-Catch Leader Snap with 4/0 nickel plated brass Rosco swivel. Part # SNAP-120-4/0, 100 pcs per bag, made in the USA.


Our Max-Catch Trotline Clips With Swivel make running a trotline easy, safe, and fast. With their built-in strength and nickel plating, these are corrosion and abrasion-resistant, hence ideal for trotline fishing.

Max-Catch - Trotline Clips with Swivel

  • Features


    • Premium Quality: Sturdy, made of solid stainless steel that ensures high strength.
    • Durable: With nickel-plated brass, our trotline clips with swivel have superior resistance to corrosion and shock.
    • Ease of Use: Trotline clips enable you to quickly attach or remove drop lines from the mainline as soon as a catfish gets entangled, making them ideal for catfish fishing.
    • Ready to Change: Our easy-to-remove trotline clips help you retrieve fish and remove them single-handedly within seconds.
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